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English homework help

English homework help. Team project due: Rough draft by 8 March 2020, final paper due by 14 March 2020
The Team Project Assignment embraces many of the business communication principles covered in various course modules and is designed for students to gain more in-depth insight into one aspect of business communication. Together, your team will write a Formal Report on a persuasive topic.
Our team topic:
“How do businesses develop brand loyalty in the 21st century?”
If you’re interested in exploring branding, prepare a report on brand loyalty. Branding has become a staple of the 21st century world of work. Companies like Apple®, NIKE, Inc., and Whole Market® have focused on developing brand loyalty. Be sure to provide examples of new companies making strides in this area and discuss how those companies have built market share. After conducting research, make a persuasive argument on the best strategy to develop brand loyalty.
The Team Project assignment has three graded parts:
1. Part 1 Assignment: Topic, Timeline, and Team Jobs (Team Submission; due Module 7) – part 1 is done. See attached file
2. Part 2 Assignment: Rough Draft (Individual Submission; due March 7 2020)
3. Part 3 Assignment: Final Submission (Team Submission; due March 14 2020)
Technical Requirements
The Formal Report must:
• Make a persuasive argument addressing one of the above six prompts utilizing effective research, examples, and the modes of persuasion (ethos, pathos, and logos)
• Be at least 2,000-2,500 words, double spaced, with 1-inch margins.
• Contain information from six sources with six in-text citations within the body of report consistent with proper APA formatting guidelines. Include a “References” page formatted in accordance with APA standards.
• Use at least two visuals (image, graph, chart, table, etc.) within the body of the report utilizing visual communication best practices.
• Utilize Business and Professional Writing: A Basic Guide’s Chapter 18: Formal Reports (pp. 299-350) as a guide
• Include the following required elements of a formal report as outlined in Chapter 18: Formal Reports (pp. 299-350):
o Title page
o Letter or memo of transmittal to your instructor
o Table of contents
o List of figures and/or list of tables (depending upon the visuals utilized)
o Executive summary / abstract
o Introduction and background
o Body containing information from six sources, examples, and persuasive appeals
o Conclusions / recommendations
o References page in APA format
• Include an equal distribution of writing among all members of the team

English homework help


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