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English homework help

English homework help.  


Midterm Presentation Brief

Assignment: Presentation on a famous business leader Activity brief


BCO122 – Oral Communication Skills


Description PowerPoint and Video presentation (including recording) on a Success Business Leader

You must address the points below in the presentation:

1.    How did they form their company?

2.    What are their achievements?

3.    Why do you admire them?

4.    Would you like to work for them and their company? Why? Why not?

You must use the Harvard Referencing System. If you take information from outside sources – you must cite these clearly.

Format This activity must meet the following formatting requirements:

·         Clear slides with appropriate visuals & Sans Serif fonts

·         8 – 10 slides (not including cover slide or final slide)

·         The last slide must contain a link to the video recording – use PowerPoint Video or Screencast if you use a MacBook.

Goal(s) To inform the class about the business leader and show effective presentation skills. Due date Date: March 16th 14.00h CET

Time: 14:00h

Weight towards final grade This activity has a weight of 40% towards the final grade.


Learning outcomes Learning outcomes assessed in this assignment:

·         Understand the differences between verbal and nonverbal communication and how to use each effectively, being aware of the influence of each on effective communication.

·         Demonstrate the ability to research, organize, prepare, and deliver individual oral presentations.

·         Create effective visual aids that will enhance oral presentations.

Assessment criteria See rubrics below.







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English homework help


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