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Education homework help

Education homework help.

Designing Curriculum for Your LMS


Now that you have identified an LMS for the organization that you created for the Week 3 assignment (Front-End Needs Analysis), you need to determine several assets that you would include in your courses or training. You will also need to decide if the material will be delivered synchronously, asynchronously, or as a hybrid of the two.


Write a two 2–4-page paper in which you:

  1. Determine at least four different learning assets      (e.g., lecture, video, discussion, test or quiz, etc.) that can be integrated      into the LMS.
    Note: At least two of the assets that you      determine should be interactive.
  2. Determine the delivery modality (i.e., synchronously,      asynchronously, or as a hybrid) for each asset that you have identified      and how the related delivery modality will work the best for your      organization. Provide a rationale for your response.
  3. Create an outline of five curriculum objectives that      support your learning assets and provide one sample for each chosen      learning asset for the curriculum.
    Note: The samples can be short and simple      depending on your course topic. The goal is to test whether the assets      work functionally in the LMS. The sample file pages are not included in      the required assignment page length.
    Note: You may use assets that you created      from other courses (e.g., EDU522, etc.).
  4. Specify the key stakeholders who are responsible for      managing the assets and what criteria they will use to manage.
  5. Analyze how each asset enhances the educational goals      of your course and examine the ways in which the LMS supports those      goals.
  6. Provide at least three reliable, relevant,      peer-reviewed references (no more than one used previously), published      within the last five years that support the paper’s claims.

This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

  • Design learning assets for a curriculum that are      aligned to educational goals and supported by the LMS.

Education homework help


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