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Education homework help

Education homework help.  

5E Lesson Plan

Subject / grade level:


CCRS Essential Standards and Clarifying Objectives


Lesson objective(s):


Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs:



· Describe how the teacher will capture students’ interest.

· What kind of questions should the students ask themselves after the engagement?



· Describe what hands-on/minds-on activities students will be doing.

· List “big idea” conceptual questions the teacher will use to encourage and/or focus students’ exploration



· Student explanations should precede introduction of terms or explanations by the teacher. What questions or techniques will the teacher use to help students connect their exploration to the concept under examination?

· List higher order thinking questions which teachers will use to solicit student explanations and help them to justify their explanations.



· Describe how students will develop a more sophisticated understanding of the concept.

· What vocabulary will be introduced and how will it connect to students’ observations?

· How is this knowledge applied in our daily lives?



· How will students demonstrate that they have achieved the lesson objective?

· This should be embedded throughout the lesson as well as at the end of the lesson




Education homework help


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