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Economics homework help

Economics homework help.  

1. Each team (two students max) or individual student must find an article from the New York TimesThe Economist, The Wall Street Journal, or The Financial Times (or a pre-approved alternate reputable news source) that addresses a concept we have covered in class and interests you. You will need to do a theoretical analysis for a news article, so choose one that is sufficiently in depth and has some material to discuss.

2. Each team will have to turn in a typed analysis of their article (double-spaced, three pages maximum). You must also turn in a copy (not just link) of the article you have chosen.

3. Each analysis should include at a minimum:

i) One paragraph summarizing the article; Be brief!

ii) One paragraph relating the article to theories we have discussed in class; Please accompany relevant graphs or equations here.

iii) One paragraph for the interpretation; Provide your explanation if the macroeconomic theory does not fit into your article. Is it due to the particular assumption(s) of the model? Can you think of any way to extend or improve the model so that it may explain the events in your article better?

Economics homework help


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