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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS _SEXUALITY Submit Assignment. Watch one of the videos below and answer the following related questions:

1. Coming Out: Being Gay in the 21st Century
A documentary in which gay and lesbian people talk about different issues related to being gay, a brief historical overview of the ways homosexuality was viewed in the U.S. throughout the 20th Century, and issues faced today. The video also describes the various stages of the coming out process and provides
resources for gay youth.

Discussion Questions:
1) In what ways has homosexuality been viewed in U.S. society?
2) What are the stages of the coming out process? What kinds of reactions did the people in the video receive when they came out?
3) What could be done to improve the status of gays and lesbians in the U.S.?

2. Our House: A Very Real Documentary about Kids of Gay and Lesbian Parents
A documentary that shows the typical family life of a variety of gay and lesbian families with children. The video interviews children of gay and lesbian parents, and shows the challenges they face being accepted at school and in society.

Discussion Questions:
1) How do the children of gay and lesbian parents interviewed in the video describe their lives at home?
2) What kinds of challenges did the children experience?
3) What kinds of programs and policies could be created that would help children in gay and lesbian families?



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