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Discussion: Myth Of Individual Opportunity

Discussion: Myth Of Individual Opportunity. In Jo Goodwin Parker’s “What is Poverty?” and the three videos, the deep-rooted pain, sickness and struggles that many poor individuals experience is vividly expressed. Parker and others share their heart-wrenching, but real stories.  What messages (at least three) are being conveyed by  Ms. Parker and the individuals in the videos about poverty?  How has your own perception of poverty changed since reviewing these videos and reading the personal essay?  Give specific examples, quotations, and supporting details from the personal essay and videos to support your claim.  Use the MLA  2016 format. Do not use cliches in your writing.  Write three detailed paragraphs only.  Do not write in the first or second person.  No secondary sources from the general web or the database should be included in this assignment.

Discussion: Myth Of Individual Opportunity


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