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Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. Focus on Healthcare Payer / Provider Fraud  and how data mining techniques help to identify fraud.

The paper should contain the following in order to receive the MAXMIMUM POINTS. Failure to follow these rules will result in a reduced score.

1. Original, Focusd Paper Topic

2. Well Written Paper Abstract

3. Well Qualified, Focused Paper Using Assigned Topic that uses academic research to present a compelling research case

4. When presenting your research, you MUST define any key definitions, concepts, and themes.

5. When you analyze a quote, it is critical to explain the quote.

6. If you direct quote, use proper APA format. If you paraphrase, properly cite as well. In-text citations are mandatory.

7. The use of a MINIMUM of five sources is required that are academic quality.

8 The paper must follow APA format.

9. You must present a MINIMUM of one data mining/data analytics techniques and explain the technique in the paper against one or more use cases.

10.   find a use case or two that explain a business problem. Laser focus on how the model helps discover fraud, address a problem or data issue, supports analysis

Computer Science homework help


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