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Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help.

This discussion topic is to be reflective and will be using your own words and not a compilation of direct citations from other papers or sources. You can use citations in your posts, but this discussion exercise should be about what you have learned through your viewpoint and not a re-hash of any particular article, topic, or the book.

Items to include in the initial thread:

1. “Interesting Assignments” – What were some of the more interesting assignments to you? – Government planning vs. entrepreneurial innovation

2. “Interesting Readings” – What reading or readings did you find the most interesting and why? “Interesting Readings”- Textbook, Chapter 1 & 3: Kressel, H., & Lento, T. V. (2012). Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy : Engine for Economic Growth. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Datz, G. (2008). Governments as Market Players: State Innovation in the Global Economy. Journal of International Affairs, 62(1), 35.

Wai Mui YU, C. (2014). The Meaning and Role of Entrepreneurship Education for School Students in the Global Economy. International Journal of Vocational Education & Training, 22(2), 7–19.

3. “Perspective” – How has this course changed your perspective?

4. “Course Feedback” – What topics or activities would you add to the course, or should we focus on some areas more than others?

Computer Science homework help


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