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Communication: An Organized Process Speech: " The Best Public Speaking For Learning A Process"

Communication: An Organized Process Speech: " The Best Public Speaking For Learning A Process". The “Best” Public Speaker For this discussion access and watch a 5-15 minute) short (YouTube video where a speaker gives a presentation that teaches us (informs us) how to do a process. It could be how to make shelves, or how to draw a dog, or how to paint pots, or how to grow tomatoes in a pot. Something that you find interesting and that you think you could do after watching the speech on the video (remember, a short video).

Post your impressions of you think is the best speaker that you found (in your opinion) and WHY you think they are so good and then respond to two of your classmates after viewing and listening to their suggestion. Telling us that this person is good because they have thousands or millions of likes or followers is not good enough. Why do YOU think they are one of the best based on your reading of our chapters on Public Speaking?

What is it about their presentation that left an impression with you?

Don’t let yourself get tripped up in the content alone-we can admire a speakers ability even as we dislike their topic or disagree with their opinions. The goal or purpose of their speech is to teach us a process-how well do you think this did this?

So I want you to stretch yourself and share with us your perspective. Who is it that demonstrates real public speaking or presentations skills in our public forum today for you?

Be sure to identify what skill you think your ‘best’ speaker is so good at (flair for language choice, great voice, dramatic gestures, solid arguments, clean organization of complex process, good use of language, or even choice of dress or grooming) and tell us why this really leaves an impression on you as a member of the audience.

Post a link to their speech (it will be great evidence for your claims!).

After you post then return to the forum and watch and respond to two of your fellow students and share with them your response to their post and their choice. You do not have to agree with each other however do be open to the perspectives of your classmates-can you see what they see? The goal of any process/demonstration speech is not just to ‘demonstrate’ or perform but to TEACH us a process so keep this in mind when you look for your favorites!

Communication: An Organized Process Speech: " The Best Public Speaking For Learning A Process"


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