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Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development. Cognitive Development Table 


  Cognitive Development Concept Definition

(Paraphrase the definitions into your own words & include a proper in-text citation)

Example that could be Observed in an Elementary Classroom Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activity
Piaget Concrete Operations



In the Concrete Operations Stage, a child can begin logical reasoning and perform mental operations. Abstract reasoning does not occur at this stage (Ormrod & Jones, 2018).  At this stage, a child can classify and organize things. One activity to support this concept is to provide matching cards, pictures, objects, puzzles, etc.


Ormrod, J. E., & Jones, B. D. (2018).  Essentials of Educational Psychology: Big Ideas to Guide Effective Teaching. (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.


*Assignment Tips:

For the Table:

  1. Use complete sentences for each box. Solid academic writing is expected.
  2. Paraphrasing, in-text citations, and references are required for this assignment. Avoid using direct quotes taken directly from the textbook. Paraphrase what you have learned to show that you understand each stage in your own words. Then cite the original author.

For the Reflection:

  1. Please use separate paragraphs for each of the reflection topics. GCU Style is required. 2-3 scholarly resources are also required.
  2. Before final submission, submit to LopesWrite Citation tool (Cite link is on the new attempt screen), review your citation report, and edit your assignment to make sure your citation score is as low as possible. (Citation score must be under 20% to be accepted).

Cognitive Development


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