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Chemistry homework help

Chemistry homework help. Expected knowledge

What are: Metabolism, amino acids, carbohydrates (incl. Polysaccharides), nucleotides, lipids.

Degradation: Enzymes, citric acid cycle (overview), mitochondria, cell landing, carrier molecules, degradation of carbohydrates, fats, amino acids / proteins

Structure: Anabolism, energy storage, protein / muscle, regulation of reactions

DNA: RNA, DNA helix, Replication, genes, transсrіption, translation, mutations

DNA submission

Write a work where you on about 4 pages

● Explains replication, translation, transсrіption

● Take an ethical stance and describe the societal benefits of something genre-related.

● Describes something else you found interesting. It can be mutations, gene modification, biochemical analysis, how DNA is packed, how genes are transferred between generations, how genes determine different properties, how DNA is put together, how DNA is discovered, how biotechnology affects our society, or something you come up with yourself. Choose something that seems interesting.

Chemistry homework help


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