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C# Programming

C# Programming.  

Part I: Change calculator




How it works

  • The user enters a number between 0 and 99 into the text box and clicks the Calculate button or presses the Enter key.
  • The application calculates and displays the minimum number of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters that add up to that amount.
    Part II: Books Sales



How it works

  • The user selects a book from the combo box, and the application displays the unit price, sales units, and sales dollars for that book. It also calculates and displays the average price for the book.

What do you need to have

  • This application uses separate arrays (up to 4 arrays) that are used to store the books info, unit price, sales units, and sales dollars for each book as follows:
Book ID Index Unit price Unit sales Dollar sales
CICS 0 54.00 1,306 42,779
COBOL 1 62.50 866 32,745
Java 2 2 49.50 2,517 74,741
JCL 3 62.50 1,450 52,913
VB.NET 4 49.50 462 18,320
  • When this application starts, it loads the sorted list with the book IDs and indexes, and it loads the combo box with the book IDs.
  • When the user selects a book from the combo box, this application uses the value of the selected item to get the value of the associated item in the sorted list. Then, it uses that value to retrieve and display the information for the selected book.




Part IV: All about the fancy



  1. Create an app that involves:
    1. Timer
    2. Randomization
    3. Images
    4. Shapes
    5. Use of custom-methods/functions.



C# Programming


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