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Business & Finance homework help

Business & Finance homework help.  


For this assessment, you will need to choose one international business issue from the below

list which is covered in this course;

• Trade protectionism ✔

Your task is to analyse and compare your selected international business issue in two countries. You must choose one country from Group A and the other country from Group B.

Group A

– Australia

Group B

– China

Your comparison will involve:

• identifying and researching recent trends in the two countries in relation to your

selected issue;

• critically assessing the extent to which your selected issue may impact MNEs

operating in the two countries by applying relevant concepts and theoretical

frameworks from the course and independent research; and

• predicting possible consequences and/or suggesting appropriate responses for MNEs

operating in the two countries.

*Your analysis should have at least seven academic journal references and seven non-scholarly references to inform your key ideas and provide background about the analysis (the list of references should be included in your written group report).

Max length 3,000 words

Content 2,200 – 2,500 words, Reflection 500 – 800 words

Suggested structure of the group report

• Table of contents: a list of main sections and any subheadings

• Executive summary: a summary of the purpose, findings, conclusions including managerial

implications of the report (no more than 150 words, not included in the word count)

• Introduction: a good introduction should include the purpose and scope of the report, provide the outline of the rest of the report, define any key terms or concepts and provide a

brief background to the case (chosen country, key course topics used for analysis)

• Body: split into sections (precise breakdown of sections is a decision for you and will depend on  your key arguments and findings)

• Conclusion

• Reflection

• Reference / Appendices (if any)

Written report

You are required to submit a written report containing the written analysis of your case (approximately 2,200 -2,500 words) and reflection (approximately 500 -800 words). The maximum length of the report is 3,000 words (excluding cover page, executive summary, references, tables and figures, 10% more or less is allowed).

With the written report, you need to demonstrate that you have conducted effective research to investigate the chosen International Business issue in the two countries, and particularly are aware of the key theories / concepts covered in the course related your chosen issue. It means that your analysis needs to show how the key theories/concepts are applied to analyse your case.

You also need to include a reflection in the report.

Business & Finance homework help


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