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Business & Finance homework help

Business & Finance homework help.


The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

maximum of two pages each on the above Required Course Materials

Do not write a book report; focus on what you learned from these books and how you will apply this knowledge to your team’s and/or the class’s project

Team Project

The organizations that accept donated cars are facing a great challenge when it comes to the donation of unusable cars. However, they are addressing to this problem by helping small organizations to amplify justice and positive impact. The idea underlies in the fair trade USA whereby the social justice movement is adhered to with an aim of fair treatment to every organization.

The fact that the fair trade movement does not focus on aid but trade has also led to the idea of donation dependent organizations to be more independent, they concentrate on their trading activities without looking and depending on foreign that turns out to fail them very miserably.

Linking people to the market and teaching people to develop their own trading activities to eliminate poverty is also another way in which the organizations are addressing to this problem of car donations. Motivating people on how to make better returns in the market is also of big help, in terms of trade.

Furthermore, the organizations have managed to build resilience by creating a firm backbone of the businesses as a way of reducing the heavy weight that is dropped on the organizations when the disasters strike (Saebi et al., 2019). The donation of funds from people and their ability to save a certain amount of funds have managed to eradicate poverty in at least few regions at the USA.

Through the fair trade movement, the development projects are done by the people who manage the small organizations. They decide on the development project they want to start with, working based on their budget in order to avoid extra costs and debts. The fact that a certain organization can manage to do their own projects without depending on the foreign aid attracts more efforts and hard work among the people.

Lastly, the donation of cars is done by other large organizations and has been of very great impact to the other small organization (Carraher et al., 2016). The number of cars donated is roughly about five per annum.

Business & Finance homework help


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