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Biology homework help


For your first paper, focus on the international trade situation of your country. Start by researching your country’s exports and imports, and identify their major trading partners. Compile information for the last ten years. Summarize the material in five year segments.  For example: the top five exports and imports 2014-2019 etc.  Also the top five countries for exports and imports in the last year.  Present the information in an interesting manner, with comparisons over time.   Starting with the H/O model investigate the country’s relative factor endowments, and provide a thoughtful hypothesis to explain your country’s comparative advantage and disadvantage. If you think the demand models are more relevant to explain your country’s international situation, convince the reader of your position. The H/O model may not explain your country’s trade situation, but in your explanation you need to show that you understand the model. You are being asked to combine raw data with, descriptive and analytical information to tell a cogent story of your country’s trade situation. Your paper should be a minimum of six pages of text, double-spaced with footnotes and a bibliography. Use APA method of citation.  This assignment will also be reviewed by Turn It In.  Electronic submissions are due March 12. This assignment is worth 40 points.  Every day the paper is late 5 points will be deducted. 

Biology homework help


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