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Biology homework help

Biology homework help. Photosynthesis Olympics: getting more for less

Think about out…why might it be beneficial if plants, especially food crops, have increase photosynthesis? Take a read through this study result summary from the Australian Research Council: Photosynthesis Olympics: Can the best wheat varieties be even better? (Links to an external site.)  How might this impact world food shortages? Is this scientific research worth funding? Why or why not?

And carbon dioxide, which is needed for photosynthesis, can also be classified as a pollutant as increasing atmospheric levels are responsible for climate changes. How might better photosynthesis help counter act this? How does deforestation impact this?

Again, you do not need to answer all the prompts, but whatever you choice should be SUPPORTED by specific research from the literature. Make sure you explain your statements. Feel free to expand on any of the topics in the photosynthetic diversity section as well.

Biology homework help


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