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Biology homework help

Biology homework help.

You were given an Aedes aegypti gene (SHAKER GENE) of unknown function. Using Blast you were able to find the homologs of your gene. You have done research regarding the function of the homologs. Using this information:

A.Construct a hypothesis

Give a hypothesis on the function of your gene is in Aedes aegypti.

B.Design an experiment to test your hypothesis.

Include a labeled sketch and written summary of experiment. (include drawing of all conditions, negative/positive etc)

C. Variables

List the  Dependent and Independent
List Control variable
List a Positive and /or Negative controls

D. Create a data set  and figure

Create a graph that clearly conveys to the reader what your experiment is about.


Give an interpretation of the possible meaning of your data. (although this isn’t conclusive since we are not doing statistics) . Does it align with your hypothesis?

G.Self-critique  and follow-up questions:

Why might your conclusion be wrong, what other questions do you have.

Biology homework help


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