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Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help.

Step 1) Review page 11-1a “Identify Potential Topics” in your MindTap e-book.

Consider different kinds of Informative Speech Topics; for example:

People topics:           Focus on human qualities and achievements

Places topics:           Find new aspects of known places, or describe unfamiliar places  

Objects and phenomena topics:  Focus on any nonhuman topic (can include hobbies)

Events topics:           Describe noteworthy events in history (and their relevance)

Processes topics:      Show how something works, or teach how to do it 

Concepts topics:        Explain an abstract idea

Step 2) Now using the “Apply It” box on that same page (see below) as a model, and write down four possible informative speech topics that you would suggest for your group’s Informative speech presentation.

–Just like the responses in this “Apply It” box, also include a couple of sentences about why each of your four suggestions would make a good speech topic.

–Also, in particular, explain why the topic is relatable or why your particular audience (i.e., your classmates) might be interested:


Step 3) Finally, find one possible source for one of topics you suggested in Step 2, and include the APA citation for that source. For example, if one of my suggested topics is about Freedom of the Press and the First Amendment, below is the APA citation for a possible source I might use:

Wermiel, S.J. (2019, March 26). Freedom of the press: Challenges to this pillar of democracy. American Bar Association, Insights on Law and Society 19(2). Retrieved May 21, 2020 from

Article writing homework help


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