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Article writing homework help. Anti-Asian Violence & Restorative Justice – Creative/Experimental

Imagine what restorative justice might look and feel like in the Vincent Chin case. Who do you imagine would be at the restorative justice meeting in the Vincent Chin case? What do you think the victims (Lily Chin, Vikki Wong, Jimmy Choi) want to say to the offenders (Ronald Ebens & Michael Nitz)? What steps do you think the people involved might decide to repair the offenders’ harm?

With this option, you will want to utilize the PRIMARY DOCUMENTS (Who Killed Vincent Chin? (1987), “The New Violence” by Helen Zia for Bridge, and Lily Chin’s letter to Detroit Chinese Welfare Council) provided in the module to imagine what the people involved in the Vincent Chin case might want to say to each other.  You will also NEED to do some additional research on restorative justice to understand better how the restorative justice process works. Please provide a citation for the resource you use in the brief explanation of your project.

You will also want to include a Works Cited page using the Modern Language Associations format, crediting the sources that informed your thinking about your project.

POSSIBLE IDEAS: Short play centered on a dialogue between Lily Chin, Vikki Wong, Ronald Ebens, and Michael Nitz; a fictional letter exchange between Lily Chin and Ronald Ebens using the principles of restorative justice; graphic novel; poem; short digital video using footage from Who Killed Vincent Chin?, etc.


Article writing homework help


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