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Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help. THE HOUSE TAKEN OVER

Below are themes for the attached text:

For each theme, find a quote from the text to support the theme and paste it here.

For the Analysis: Explain the importance of the quote or what does the quote show

1.Theme of: Loss or Fear of Loss:


2. Theme of: Insanity or Mental illness:


3.Theme of: Fear of the unknown:” I had to shut the door to the passage. They’ve taken over the back part.”

Analysis: This quote shows that the narrator was in fear of what could be taking over the house behind the door.

4. Theme of Isolation:

Gothic Elements:

Below are 10 Gothic themes, choose ANY 5 and provide a quote from the text as an example.

1.Set in a haunted or abandoned: house, mansion, house:Irene and I got used to staying in the house by ourselves, which was crazy; eight people could have lived in that place and not have gotten in each other’s way.

2.Damsel in distress: usually a woman threatened or imprisoned :

3.An atmosphere of mystery, suspense, or evil:

4.Ghost, monster, or supernatural element:

5.Bad/dangerous weather:

6. Characters experience bad dreams/nightmares(confusing reality & fantasy):

7.Haunted or burdened male protagonist:

8.Wild emotions:

9.Elements of death & horror:

10. The beast between monstrous/evil people:

Article writing homework help


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