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Applied Sciences homework help

Applied Sciences homework help.

Requirements & Preparing the paper

  1. Identify an international humanitarian crisis that has taken place  in the past six months. . You may refer to reports from the UN Office  for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), other UN agencies,  international non-governmental organizations, government agencies,  media, or other sources to identify an international humanitarian  crisis.
  2. Draft a memorandum, identifying yourself as a student in the MPH program at Chamberlain University.
  3. Identify an NGO that you will request funding or other assistance  from to be given to a humanitarian organization that is working in the  country experiencing the international humanitarian crisis you  identified.
  4. Include in the memorandum the following:
    1. Name and address of NGO requesting funding or other assistance from, and the humanitarian organization that will receive the aid
    2. Facts of the crisis
    3. Humanitarian needs
    4. Unmet needs/Response gaps
  5. Use the attached MEMORANDUM TemplatePreview the document to produce your document.
  6. The memorandum is to be 2-3 pages long.
  7. For help with writing your memorandum, search the internet for the  following .pdf document (just copy and paste into your search engine):  Educational Equity. Guide to Writing an Effective Policy Memo. You may find that document here:

Applied Sciences homework help


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