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Applied Sciences homework help

Applied Sciences homework help.

 This week we will again examine a real-life situation.  The event under examination will be the engineering failures related to the Boeing 737MAX airframe.Our examination will have three steps as follows:

  1. We will review the report provided in pdf format immediately below.
  2. We will undertake to discern the relevant stakeholders, relevant issues, and salient facts.
  3. We will use our knowledge to identify where leadership failed and suggest methodologies for avoiding a repetition of events and results.

The below report provides both technical and non-technical data outlining the causes of the 737MAX design failure.  You may conduct research so as to have a better understanding of this case.  Your presentation, however, may only use that information presented in the report.  Based on this report alone, your assignment is to create a PowerPoint presentation as follows:

  1. Slide 1 – create an opening PowerPoint slide which presents your name, the date and a title for your presentation. The format of this slide is at your discretion.
  2. Slide 2 – identify the individual or organization that you believe was most at fault for this design failure.  The format of this slide is at your discretion.
  3. Slide 3 & 4 – focusing solely on the individual or organization you identified in Step 2 (immediately  above), identify the primary cause which contributed to their defective design decisions.  This is your identified issue vis-a-vis the party identified in Step 1 (immediately above).  Frame this identified causality in the form of both a question (slide 3) and as a sentence (slide 4).  On each slide report if this causality is acute or chronic, an issue or a dilemma.  The format of the slide is at your discretion.
  4. Slide 5 – identify the facts which are relevant to the causality your identified in Step 2 (immediately above).  You are limited to four (4) “simple sentences” or bullets.  Investigate the meaning of “simple sentence” before undertaking this part of the exercise.  Please present these facts on a PowerPoint slide in the format you select.
  5. Slide 6 – recommend what punitive/corrective measures, if any, should be undertaken with regard to the individual or organizations you identified as most culpable for this defective design.  One item on the slide should be the recommendation.  One item must identify why you believe this action should be taken.  One item must rebut what you believe will the strongest argument against your proposed recommendation.
  6. Slide 7 – recommend what structure(s) should be put in place to avoid repetition of this deign failure.  At your discretion, your presentation on this slide can be in sentence or bullet format.
  7. Slide 8 – create a PowerPoint slide which solicits questions and input – the scope of your solicitation is up to you.
  8. Slide 9 – create a PowerPoint slide which lists references utilized – the case study is your only reference.

Applied Sciences homework help


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