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Anatomy homework help

Anatomy homework help. Create a crossword puzzle:  Please create 20 phrases/ questionsand answers from chapter 6.
Please type in regular black ink using Calibri Body with 12 point font, not bold or any other color (-10 if incorrect).  Please use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar (-1 point for every error). Please create 4 phrases about the functions of the skin as an organ system and its role in the homeostasis of body temperature.  Please create 4 phrases about the descriptive layers, structural components, and functions of the epidermis dermis and hypodermis. Please create 4 phrases about thestructure and function of epidermal derivatives such as hair, nails, sweat, sebaceous and ceruminous glands.  Please create 4 phrases about the classification of burns by degree and surface areas involved.  Please create 4 phrases about the three principal types of skin cancer and differentiate among them.  Please paraphrase each critical thinking phrase/ question in your own words.  No credit will be awarded for any copied questions.  The answer should consist of one or two words.  The finished product/ activity should have the answers in the squares with the corresponding matching numbered questions at the bottom of the page or on the second page. If two or more pages are needed, please complete them on continuous pages of a word document and load them in one attachment/ upload (-20 if incorrectly done).  You must reference your sources after each question. Ex. Textbook page numbers, power point slide numbers, you tube video title and up loader and link, quizlet title, uploader and link etc. at the end of each set of information in parenthesis.  (-2 each time it is missing).  Please see the projected learning for the due date and time.

Anatomy homework help


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