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Accounting homework help

Accounting homework help.  

St Mary’s University

School of Graduate Studies, MBA

Group Assignment (30%)

Submission date: February 25, 202


Course: Accounting and Finance for Managers

Group Assignment 2

  1. The following data belong to a company for a period.
  • Materials used $80,000 (60% for DM)
  • Labor used   400,000(50% for DL)
  • FOH cost (others)    40,000 (Heat, Light, Power)

Instruction: Compute:

  1. Prime cost
  2. Total FOH cost
  3. Conversion cost
  4. Production cost (mfg)
  5. Direct cost
  6. Indirect cost
  7. AXY Company produces two products, the ABB and the ACC. The ABB is a high-volume item totaling 50,000 units annually. The ACC is a low-volume item totaling only 10,000 units per year. Each product requires 4 hour of direct labor for completion. Therefore, total annual direct labor hours are 240,000. Expected annual manufacturing overhead costs are $1,600,000. The cost allocation base is direct labor hour. The direct materials cost per unit is $80 for the ABB and $60 for the ACC. The direct labor cost is $24 per unit for each product.

AXY Company’s expected annual overhead costs of $1,600,000 relate to two activities—machine setups, machining.

Activity Cost Driver Total expected overhead cost Total expected use of driver
Machine setup Number of setup $600,000 3000
Machining Machine hours 1,000,000 100,000
Cost Driver ABB ACC  
Number of setup 1000 2000  
Machine hours 60,000 40,000  


  1. Allocate overhead cost in traditional costing system and ABC costing system.
  2. Determine unit cost under traditional costing and ABC costing system and comment on it.
  1. A Bike manufacturer manufactures gear shifters used in one of its products.The unit product cost of this part is:
Variable cost $19
Depreciation of special equipment   2
Allocated general overhead   4
Unit product cos $25


The special equipment has resale value of $20,000.The total amount of general overhead, which is allocated on the basis of direct labor hours, would be unaffected by this decision.The $25 unit product cost is based on 10,000 parts produced each year.An outside supplier has offered to provide the 10,000 parts at a cost of $20 per part.
Required:Should we accept the supplier’s offer? Why/why not?

  1. Data related to the expected sales of a Products for ABC Inc. for the current year is follows:

Products        Unit Selling Price       Unit Variable Cos

Automobile    ETB 200,000                             ETB 160,000


The estimated fixed costs for the current year are ETB 20,000,000.


  1. Determine the estimated units of sales of the product necessary to reach the break-even point for the current year.
  2. Assume the company targets income before tax ETB 4,000,000. Calculate total units to be sold to achieve target profit.


Accounting homework help


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