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he pandemic continues to hurt businesses. One view is that business is as important as health. No one wants to die from the pandemic, which supports strong public policies to control the spread of the virus. However, people must eat, pay rent and mortgages and other expenses.

Many businesses are failing. Some are already out of business. Others are straining from low revenue and shrinking profits. A few lucky industries and companies are doing well, such as online shopping.

This week’s discussion asks you to consider Why Businesses Fail. Please do not approach this with general opinions and clichés. Think about such important management topics as

  • Poor Management
  • Dishonesty
  • Not Improving Product Quality
  • Failing to Match the Competition

We have already discussed “Street Smarts.” Please do not accuse Facebook of “being stupid.” For all their problems, they are a multi-billion dollar corporation with billions of users. Show respect for their business prowess.

For the few students who are considering their own business, these issues are very important. For those who would like to work for Google, Bank of America, Facebook, Tesla, etc., they are also important.

In your response, CITE ACTUAL EXAMPLES and provide a good, clear discussion. Remember, your work in this course should be the most thorough, most thoughtful – THE BEST – of your MBA experienc


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