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Project – Phase I

Deadline: Wednesday24/2/2021@ 23:59

[Total Mark for this Case Study is 5]


Introduction to Database


College of Computing and Informatics




Project Scenario











Riyadh Metro is considered to be one of the leading project in the region. It connects the city districts through a huge transportation system that contains metros and buses. Riyadh citizens will be able to travel around the city easily. For more information about the project visit the website

You are part of a team which is responsible for application design and development of a tracking and planning system that involves mobile application. The system should provide customers the metro schedule information. Your role is to design and develop a database for the application. The metro system needs to model the following: Trains, Stations, Routes, Tracks, Train schedule. For simplicity you can assume that:

· Only one track exists between any two stations.

· Every train runs every day

· Each train, for each station on its route has a Time in and Time out (NULL if the train does not stop in the station).

Each train must have a name, route color and uniquely identified by an ID. Each station has a name, location and identified by an ID. Each route must have a color, starting and ending stations and a unique ID. A sequence number is needed to connect and order the tracks of each route. Train schedule stores what time a train passes through each station on its route. You can make any other additional assumptions that make sense in the real world.

Project Additional instructions:

The Project is a group activity. Group Size = Min 2 and Max 3. Each group member must submit the project individually with all group member names mentioned in the cover page. Read the project scenario carefully and visit the website to be able to answer the following questions.

Question One

2.5 Marks

Learning Outcome(s):

LO 2









Design an Entity-Relationship diagram for Riyadh Metro database.


Question Two

2.5 Marks

Learning Outcome(s):

LO 3








Produce a relation schema for the Entity-Relation in Question one that eliminate redundancies and identify the keys and foreign keys.


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