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  1. Step One: Provide a detailed description of your favorite ad*. Be honest. If it is available on-line somewhere, feel free to provide a link. (You may consider radio, TV, web or print advertising.)


    Step Two: Now, answer the following questions in an enumerated list:
    a) What product or service is the ad selling?
    b) What deep need or desire is the ad appealing to? (In other words, does the ad appeal to your desire to have love, friends, esteem, power, happiness, wealth, beauty, joy, etc.?)
    c) Who is the intended audience, and what do you suppose their reaction to the ad might be? Name and describe the specific classes, races, body types, group(s), etc.
    d) Who is disregarded (or negatively referenced [real or implied]) by the ad? Name and describe the specific classes, races, body types, group(s), etc.
    e) What suffering, exploitation, or destruction is hidden from view? Here, the reference is toward the ad or the company promoting the ad. Be specific. (You might have to do some research on this one.)

    In other words, can you describe some of the suffering to people or animals that the production of the product contributes to or causes?

    Or, can you describe the exploitation of people or animals that the generation of the service contributes to or causes?

    Or, can you describe some destruction to the environment that the product or service causes?) (e.g., Hardees hamburger stores have some of the coolest ads. At the same time, the hamburger industry contributes to the inhumane treatment of animals, larger carbon footprints, and the industry that causes the LARGEST source of pollution on the planet!)

    f) How does the ad affect your personal desires, self image, beliefs, and consumer choices?

    g) What would life (really) be like without the product or service that the ad is selling? What would life be like without the larger industry that facilitates that business?

    Step Three: Now that you’ve done the exercise, do you perceive your favorite advertisement in a different light ? Why or why not? Be specific.


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