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Exam 2



Instructions:  Choose one question and write a 2.5-3.0 page essay (double-space, not more than 850 words).  You should provide a word count at the end of your essay.


Do not copy the question — simply indicate the number of the question and start your essay.  I am going to evaluate your essays based on two criteria: form (i.e., organization of essay and grammar) and content (i.e., what you say).


I am asking you to summarize the argument in Flores-Gonzalez’s book, Citizens but not Americans.  That is, take her argument and put it in your own words.  Do not insert your opinion.  If you do, it will count against your grade.  You are not to use direct quotes from the book, except for definitions of technical terms such as ethnorace.


The exam is due before midnight on Sunday, March 14th.  Late exams will be penalized at a rate of 5.7 points out of 100 for every 24 hours that it is late, starting with the first 24 hours.



Choose one question:


Q1:  According to Flores-González, three components support an ethnoracial framework for Latino millennials: coupling of ethnicity and race, Latino prototype, and the weight of Latin American ancestry (Chapter 3).  Discuss each of the components of this framework and provide examples.  For ethnorace, use the definition by Linda Martin Alcoff.  Please keep the definition short.  Provide succinct examples.



Q2:  In chapter 4, Flores-González discusses her narrators’ assessment of their location on the racial order in the United States.  What social, economic and cultural characteristics (e.g., skin color, social class, language) led Latino millennials to place themselves in the solid racial middle, the racial middle tilting white, and the racial middle tilting black?  How does Latinos’ perception of their location in the racial middle affect their sense of racial exclusion and marginalization?  Provide succinct examples.



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